Cabinet Material

Quality of the material is vital for a loudspeaker cabinet. Audes believes that great sound should come with great looks, therefore only premium quality MDF is used. Besides consistent mechanical performance the uniformity of the material is the essential foundation for any cabinet finish.

Panel Sizing

Working with full scale panels rather than precut materials gives a lot of flexibility. Some custom products built by Audes reached over 3 meters in height.

Veneer Cutting

Veneering demands skills and accuracy. Precisely cut veneer sheets are vital to ensure that a pair of loudspeakers are exact mirror images of each other.

Veneer Matching

Each loudspeaker is different. To ensure that veneer matches the shape and the size of the cabinet perfectly deep understanding of the final product and specific characteristics of various wood species are essential.

Veneer Gluing

A heavy heated hydraulic press ensures an evenly glued surface without air pockets between the plate and the veneer. For curved parts like side walls of Excellence AMT models a special membrane press is used.

Plate Sanding

Prior to further machining each plate is sanded. This guarantees absence of variations in thicknesses between parts.


Routing of individual cabinet parts is spread between a 3-axis and a 5-axis CNC machines. Ability to work with complex 3D surfaces of the latter provides creative freedom to Audes designers.

Manual Sanding

Extra sanding is done manually after a cabinet is glued. Smooth surface is vital for the final finish of a product.


Audes has three separate spraying booths for different coating materials to ensure a perfect finish for each individual product.


Achieving a true piano finish requires hours of sanding and polishing. The result is a crystal clear mirror-like surface.


Crossovers in all Audes models have point-to-point construction, as conductive tracks of PCBs have adverse effect on the sound quality of a loudspeaker.


All inductors are wound in-house on CNC winding machines. Induction values and wire grades are chosen individually for each model without making any compromises.

Loudspeaker Drivers

Production of low frequency drivers is performed in-house. Some adjustments are constantly made to meet performance demands for each loudspeaker model.

Driver Baskets

After die-casting each driver basket is turned at Audes factory to ensure the tolerance requirements are met.

Pole Parts

Pole parts for Audes drivers are turned in-house according to strict quality demands.

Loudspeaker Assembly

Each loudspeaker is assembled with great care to ensure quality and reliability.

Transformer Production

Wound components and power supply units are produced with the focus on quality, reliability and tight tolerances.