Orpheus is a product representing all of Audes’s wealth of knowledge and expertise in the area of understanding sound as an artistic form of expression and its influence on human perception. Orpheus is a carefully balanced unison of music, aesthetics and physics capable of delivering the most intricate nuances of musical sounds.

The uniquely designed cabinet has a shape of a truncated pyramid. The absence of parallel walls eliminates pronounced resonance waves and, consequently, undesirable transmission surges. Along with complex internal partitions the decorative side panels provide additional cabinet rigidity and its distinct shape. The overall combination of these design features rewards listeners with the most accurate and clear reproduction of musical passages.

The tweeter is located in a special vibration-absorbing cabinet featuring a narrow front cabinet design and a sleek shape. The mid-woofer and the tweeter drivers are carefully positioned at the locations that optimise listener’s ability to enjoy the most intricate musical experience. An isolated crossover compartment protects the system from the detrimental influence of sound fluctuations on the crossover network. Orpheus features a side-firing 10″ woofer – a proprietary product of Audes. The handmade paper cone woofer features a powerful magnet with an extra rigid die-cast aluminium basket frame. These features lead to the reproduction of a distinctive and accurate sound. The unit is equipped with an adaptable low frequency port tuning capability including regime optimisation for vacuum tube amplification. The cabinet features adjustable ultra-firm positioning and a high quality floor spike system.

To summarise Orpheus has the following features:

  • Three-way loudspeaker with a bass reflex system;
  • Pyramidal shape;
  • Extremely rigid cabinet;
  • Complex internal bracing structure;
  • MDF-based cabinet with 25 mm wall thickness;
  • Side panels used as an additional reinforcement, as well as aesthetic complement to the design concept with rare wood veneer;
  • Side-firing woofer created to narrow the front speaker panel;
  • Separate isolated tweeter cabinet structure;
  • Mid-high crossover enclosed in a separate isolated chamber;
  • The world’s best audiophile components;
  • Point-to-point soldering between all crossover components. The crossover compartment is physically isolated in its own chamber and is accessible through the back panel;
  • The driver choice for the tweeter element was an impeccably accurate and absolutely astonishing Millennium tweeter by SEAS;
  • Audes created its own, custom-designed, proprietary mid-bass driver. This amazing unit features a paper cone, an aluminum die-cast basket frame along with a super powerful magnet.

Technical Specifications

Nominal impedance

6 Ω

Recommended amplifier power

50–260 W

Frequency range (±2 dB)

41–20000 Hz

44–20000 Hz*

Lf corner (−6 dB)

34 Hz

38 Hz*

Crossover frequency

150/1800 Hz

Crossover network order

Low frequency

1st order

Mid frequency

1st & 3rd orders

High frequency

3rd order

Sensitivity (2.83 V/1 m)

87 dB

Speaker drivers

10" paper cone woofer. Designed & manufactured by Audes;

6½" paper cone mid-woofer with a phase correction system. Designed & manufactured by Audes;

1" fabric dome tweeter.

Dimensions (mm)

1140 H × 374 W × 570 D

Dimensions (inches)

45" H × 14¾" W × 22½" D


65 kg/143 lbs

*ATTENTION: low-frequency sealed (closed) port design was created for optimal usage with low-impedance (approximately 2 Ω) tube amplifiers!


Orpheus is available as a special order in a variety of luxurious finishes. Please contact Audes distributor for further details and a special order procedure.