Pro HT Monitor

Pro HT Monitor

A high sensitivity, power of a professional speaker and the sound of a High-End system makes this system unique.

For the best reproduction of low frequencies a sealed enclosure with thick walls is used. This not only gives the system very good dynamics and a tight bass, but also eases the use of an additional subwoofer, if it is still needed. The symmetrical construction makes the system universal – it can be used for right, left and centre loudspeaker. This construction also minimises the side reflections from walls and the floor.

The system can also be installed on a stand.

Technical Specifications

Nominal impedance

4 Ω

Max. long-term power

250 W

Max. short-term power

400 W

Frequency range (±2 dB)

65–20000 Hz

Lf corner (−6 dB)

48 Hz

Crossover frequency

450/3600 Hz

Sensitivity (2.83 V/1 m)

92 dB

Speaker drivers

2 × 8" paper cone woofer. Designed & manufactured by Audes;

2 × 5" paper cone mid-woofer;

1" fabric dome tweeter.

Dimensions (mm)

790 H × 272 W × 310 D

Dimensions (inches)

31⅛" H × 10¾" W × 12¼" D


25 kg/55 lbs


The standard finish for Pro HT Monitor is black paint.