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Audes 146 is a three-way floorstanding model. It was designed to perform at high efficiency and to be easy to drive. The combination of three drivers gives a clear, accurate and powerful sound. The tweeter-mid-woofer combination accounts for dynamics and transparency, while the proprietary 8″ Audes woofer handles the low frequencies, providing the strong foundation. These characteristics make 146 suitable for reproduction of all musical genres with ease and neutrality.

Technical Specifications

Nominal impedance

4 Ω

Max. long-term power

130 W

Max. short-term power

200 W

Frequency range (±3 dB)

39–20000 Hz

Lf corner (−6 dB)

34 Hz

Crossover frequency

250/4000 Hz

Sensitivity (2.83 V/1 m)

91 dB

Speaker drivers

8" paper cone woofer. Designed & manufactured by Audes;

5¼" paper cone mid-woofer;

1" fabric dome tweeter.

Dimensions (mm)

1036 H × 243 W × 349 D


263 W × 369 D

Dimensions (inches)

40⅞" H × 9⅝" W × 13¾" D


10⅜" W × 14⅝" D


20 kg/43 lbs


The Maestro series is available in two standard finishes: satin walnut real wood veneer and painted black. Special colours and veneers are available on request as separate custom orders. Please contact your local Audes distributor for more information.