Throughout years of continuous work on the project it was made sure that not a single part of the cabinet can interfere with the quality of sound. Despite such functional mindset behind the design, the aesthetic aspect has not been left out either – the cabinet uses the basic figure of a cross-section square, making the design timeless and easy to integrate into any interior.

Nevertheless, square-shaped cabinets exhibit problems with standing waves. To combat them additional angled internal walls were introduced to the cabinets of the M series loudspeakers, reducing the number of parallel internal surfaces.

Furthermore, all of the loudspeakers in the series are designed as bass reflex systems. The port is located under the front wall and it is firing downwards. This solution results in more predictable behaviour of a loudspeaker in different rooms, as well as a smaller form factor. Secondly the shape of the bass reflex makes it more difficult for stray sound waves occurring within the cabinet to exit the cabinet. The bass reflex is comprised of several separate channels to better control the airflow.

The main section itself is made of a solid surface material, which is mainly composed of aluminium trihydride. The much higher density and tensile strength compared to wood-based materials results in a stiff cabinet which exhibits minimal vibrations, significantly reducing the colouration of sound. The main section sits on a stand made of MDF, which in turn rests on a plinth made of the same material as the main section.

Despite the minimal cabinet vibrations due to the primary material choice, to even further minimise the possible harmful mechanical influences the crossover is placed in a separate compartment. A single crystal copper wiring is used throughout the system to ensure clear, but absolutely neutral sound without excessive brightness.

The woofer is designed and manufactured by Audes. It was specifically tuned for the M series loudspeakers. The tweeter is of a silk dome kind. The characteristics of the tweeter allowed to choose a relatively low crossover for the loudspeakers in the series.

Technical Specifications

Nominal impedance

4 Ω

Max. long-term power

60 W

Max. short-term power

130 W

Frequency range (±2 dB)

40–30000 Hz

Crossover frequencies

300/1800 Hz

Sensitivity (2.83 V/1 m)

88 dB

Speaker drivers

10" paper cone woofer. Designed & manufactured by Audes;

2 × 5¼" paper cone woofer;

1" fabric dome tweeter.

Dimensions (mm)*

1259 H × 345 W × 383 D

Dimensions (inches)*

49⅝ H × 13⅝ W × 15⅛ D


46 kg/102 lbs

*Dimensions are given including the spikes and terminals.