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The only thing more distinctive than their look is their sound. Blues is Audes’s legendary product. It has been an admiration all over the globe for nearly two decades. It is a result of continuous effort to deliver a reference quality product. Blues is Audes’s pride and joy. It represents the foundation of Audes’s design principles, as well as an extraordinary audio engineering achievement and a dedication to the majestic world of music. Thanks to their unique three-way chamber dual-step design, their reproduction quality rivals if not exceeds loudspeakers costing thousands more. Virtually handcrafted from crossovers to the cabinet using the world’s best audiophile components, Audes Blues will breathtakingly reproduce the most subtle tonal colours of the audio spectrum. If you are a music aficionado or a home theater enthusiast, Audes Blues will capture your heart and will be an integral part of your home entertainment system.

Technical Specifications

Nominal impedance

4 Ω

Max. long-term power

130 W

Max. short-term power

200 W

Frequency range (±2 dB)

45–20000 Hz

Lf corner (−6 dB)

38 Hz

Crossover frequency

200/2100 Hz

Sensitivity (2.83 V/1 m)

90 dB

Speaker drivers:

8" paper cone woofer. Designed & manufactured by Audes;

2 × 4½" polypropylene cone midrange;

1" fabric dome tweeter.

Dimensions (mm)

1210 H × 210 W × 396 D


278 W × 400 D

Dimensions (inches)

47¾" H × 8¼" W × 15¾" D


11" W × 15¾" D


35 kg/77 lbs


Audes Credo is available in a variety of fine wood veneer finishes: mahogany, black ash, cherry, walnut. Optionally exotic finishes are available, such as burl wood in matte or fine piano polish finishes.