As the world quickly moves on with its daily procedures, and technological advances are made at an astonishing rate, we still stop sometimes, even if unintentionally, to empty our minds and simply listen to our surroundings.

What we hear are the unique components of nature communicating with each other to create the most magnificent, unrepeatable sounds known to mankind: brittle stones clashing against soft waves of the sea, massive trees dancing to the brisk whistling of wind, gentle rain drops splattering onto papery leaves.

The sounds are common to us as we hear them regularly yet are so fascinating and unusual that the first musical instruments were created with natural materials to attempt to replicate these organic gifts of nature. Modern composers and musicians use the tools and techniques developed by the early masters, who ultimately were inspired by nature, as a point of reference to add on to and produce even more complex, thrilling sounds.

In our rapidly progressing world, new sounds are developed each day with the help of technology and each sound possesses its own meaning and unveils a certain connotation, as do words. The combination of these various sounds together forms the rhythmic harmony of life.

In the process of developing our products, our most important task is to listen and to understand the importance of sound, its quality, and the thoughts it provokes in our minds. Our greatest challenge in this creative process is to avoid violating or destroying the unique sounds of nature, but to preserve them by enhancing the quality of how they are heard. By creating our products, we do not aim to improve sound, we aim to improve listeners. Our initial goal is to try to recreate the sounds of nature from the most miniscule details to the intense emotions sound has the power to incite. Our purpose as a company is in one listen, to be able to deliver the harmony of life through the richness of sounds. So when we do find that single moment to zone out of our hectic lives, the sounds that we hear will have an even more glorious effect.