ATA-288A is a stereo valve amplifier combining a refined Class A sound and robust output power by utilising push-pull Class A ultra-linear circuitry and automatic biasing in a dual mono configuration. The Class A operation keeps distortion low and provides for a natural highly enjoyable sound with an abundance of detail. ATA-288A was designed from scratch and benefits from the use of custom-made transformers designed and manufactured by Audes, including special flat-type UI core output transformers developed for the ATA-200 valve amplifier series. Only high-quality selected components are used: all resistors are carbon film, and audio circuit capacitors are of PIO (paper in oil) type.

Technical Specifications

Rated continuous output power

45 W + 45 W (0 dB) Class A

Frequency range

20–20000 Hz −1.0 dB

Total harmonic distortion


Signal-to-noise ratio

>90 dB

Input sensitivity

0.775 V

Number of inputs


Input impedance

50 kΩ

Loudspeaker impedance

4–8 Ω

Recommended loudspeaker sensitivity

87 dB/1 W/1 m

Valves in the preamplification stage

6N1P-EV (Russian: 6Н1П-ЕВ) × 2 pcs

Valves in the power amplification stage

KT88 × 4 pcs

Dimensions (mm)

200 H × 470 W × 400 D

Dimensions (inches)

7⅞" H × 18½" W × 15¾" D


25 kg/55 lbs