Power Strip PS-6

The PS-6 power strip was designed to distribute electrical power among various audiovisual equipment. It has six outlets and a total power rating of 2300 W. PS-6 was designed for indoor applications. It must never be used outdoors. The device has a power switch, which allows to simultaneously turn off all six outlets. PS-6 is protected by a 10 A fuse.

Technical Specifications

Power Rating

2300 W

Max AC Output

10 A


10 A Inlet IEC C14


6 × 16 A/250 VAC Socket CEE 7/3

Power Supply Cable

10 A/250 VAC Connector IEC C13

Dimensions (mm)

94 H × 145 W × 240 D

Dimensions (inches)

3¾" H × 5¾" W × 9½" D


1.7 kg/3.8 lbs