DC Blocker DCB-1

DCB-1 is a DC blocker, which protects AV equipment from harmful influence of direct current (DC) present in the mains. DCB-1 effectively removes the DC component with voltage up to 3.5 V. It significantly reduces transformer hum coming from various equipment. At the same time DCB-1 does not affect the dynamics of reproduced signals, yet substantially lowers the noise threshold.

Technical Specifications

Power Rating

3680 W

Max AC Output

16 A


16 A Inlet IEC C20


16 A/250 VAC Socket CEE 7/3

Power Supply Cable

16 A/250 VAC Connector IEC C19

Dimensions (mm)

94 H × 145 W × 145 D

Dimensions (inches)

3¾" H × 5¾" W × 5¾" D


1.2 kg/2.7 lbs