ST-3000 Reviewed in LP

The ST-3000 power conditioner was reviewed in the LP magazine. Read the review to learn how a stereo system can benefit from it.

Power Conditioners

Audes has recently designed a new series of power conditioners. Models ST-1500 and ST-3000 have been successfully tested and are already available for purchase. A few more models are coming soon.

Using ST-1500 and ST-3000 with any AV equipment significantly improves the quality of sound reproduction. Follow the link for the detailed description


Product Development Support

Audes LLC OÜ begins a project ‘Product Development Support’ with the aim to develop and introduce a completely new range of loudspeakers. The project duration is from 01.10.2020 to 30.09.2022 a. The project is supported by the European Regional Development Fund through the EAS program ‘Product Development Support’. The sum of the grant is 302665.50 EUR. The grant is funded in the context of the Union’s reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Digidiagnostika Audes LLC OÜ

Antud arenguetapil on Audes LLC OÜ tähtsaim eesmärk tootmise edasine tõhustamine juhtimise ja tootmisprotsesside optimeerimise teel. Ettevõtte juhtkond mõistab, et juhtimist ja tootmist on võimalik nende protsesside digitaliseerimise teel tõhustada. Esimeses astmes ettevõte rakendab projekti ‘Digidiagnostika Audes LLC’. Projekti periood on 30.11.2018 kuni 15.02.2019 a. Projekt realiseerub EAS-i toetusel ‘Digidiagnostika’ programmi raames.

116 Reviewed in Fidelity Magazine

Read the article from the issue 31 of the Fidelity magazine to learn how 116 can help with a jetlag.