ST-3000 Review on LowBeats

A review of ST-3000 was published on the LowBeats website. Please click here to learn why it should be an essential piece in a hi-fi setup.

ST-1500 Review in Hörerlebnis

The ST-1500 power conditioner was reviewed in the Hörerlebnis magazine. The title of the article is ‘Enjoy the Silence’. Please read it below to learn why.

ST-900 – Product of the Year

Last year ST-3000 was named the ‘Product of the Year’ by the LP magazine. This year it is the ST-900’s turn!

ST-900 Review in LP

The ST-900 power conditioner was reviewed in the LP magazine. Read it below to learn more about the reasons why it should be an essential part of a stereo setup.

ST-3000 Reviewed in Stereo

Tom Frantzen tested ST-3000 and came to the following conclusion ‘Taking it away from your setup is even more severe than the sonic progress achieved when implementing it; because you actually don‘t want to do without the Audes anymore – and the step back really hurts.’ Read the full review in the STEREO magazine below.