116 Reviewed in Fidelity Magazine

Read the article from the issue 31 of the Fidelity magazine to learn how 116 can help with a jetlag.

Excellence 5 AMT Reviewed in The Stereo Times

Stephen Yan recently visited Modular Audio, Singapore to audition Excellence 5 AMT. Visit The Stereo Times website to read about his impressions.

Excellence 5 AMT Reviewed in PSV Sound

Issue 101 of the PSV Sound magazine came with a review of Excellence 5 AMT. The author concluded, ‘At its asking price, it is one of the best high-end bargains today.’

106 Review by LowBeats

Head to the LowBeats website to read the results of the 106 test.

146 Reviewed in Stereo

146 was compared to three other loudspeakers in Stereo. Click the link below to read the 146 review, or proceed to the Stereo website to purchase the full article.